Pioneer Aerial

Pioneer Aerial Surveys (‘Pioneer Aerial’) is leading the mining and exploration industry in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (‘UAV’) based remote sensing. They do this using some of the most advanced UAV systems in the world that custom are built in Canada and capable of long flights and diverse sensor payloads.

Pioneer Aerial specializes in aeromagnetic surveys utilizing their proprietary proudly developed the first UAV-Mag™ system – the first commercially available UAV supported system on the market.

Pioneer Aerial, through its strategic partnership with Abitibi Geophysics, continues to push the limits and capabilities of remote sensing in the exploration industry.

Advantages of contracting Pioneer Aerial are:

Ultra-low mobilization costs – The entire airborne system can be transported anywhere in the world at a fraction of conventional airborne survey costs.

Low elevation and tight line spacing capability – Small targets can benefit from low elevation flights and tight line spacing only possible through UAV flights.

Custom Survey Design – We specialize in small to medium-scale (100 to 1,500+ line km) UAV-MAG™ surveys, where time extensive and costly walk-mag surveys that take weeks can be flown in hours.

Reduced preparation – The use of the UAV-MAG™ system eliminates the need for line-cutting and significantly reduces crew, camp and logistics costs.

However, all of these advantages are not significant without quality data. Pioneer Aerial has proven time and time again that the data collected is comparable to that collected by helicopter. In addition, the resolution tends to be better than ground (walking) magnetometer surveys as the increased distance from the anomalies benefits from lower noise.

The above graph shows four different surveys over the same line on the same anomaly. Note that the UAV and helicopter anomalies are almost identical.

For more information on Pioneer Aerial, or a quote for a survey, please visit their website at http://www.pioneeraerialsurveys.com

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