The New MIL-SPEC: Open Source Drones

Global UAV Technologies Inc. is currently engaged in pursuing opportunities as they relate to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other special forces applications. Recently, the DoD, through the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) issued a call for proposals of high grade, open source, solutions from private manufactures and equipment suppliers. This will allow the DoD to mitigate vendor lock-in deals for future procurement.  

Global UAV, through its wholly owned subsidiary NOVAerial Robotics believes we have a product solution for various military and special forces applications. The NOVAerial Procyon 800E is a custom built sUAS platform which can provide the military with several advantages, including being an open sourced platform utilizing Ardupilot flight control software. 

The Procyon 800E now includes lighter and more durable body parts which increases payload capacity.
The Procyon 800E now includes lighter and more durable body parts which increases payload capacity.

In addition to being open source, the Procyon is a rugged, reliable platform which boasts a universal mounting system for extremely versatile payload options. The Procyon can provide rapid front line support, hands off operation, and can provide logistical or surveillance support.

Further to the payload versatility and ease of use, the single rotor UAV withstands 35 minutes of hover endurance and 50 minutes of cruise endurance. This can allow the special forces to use the equipment for longer periods of time without the need for frequent battery exchanges.

“One thing we found out is government organizations, and the DoD especially, are starting to look to the small UAS base for systems that have open architecture and key elements, such as an open-source flight controller, where there are no hidden things behind the hood. In future requirements for small UAS procurement we have a system that checks a lot of those boxes that they are looking for.” stated Mike Burns.

Earlier in May, Global UAV attended the SOFIC conference in Tampa, Florida. SOFIC is a special forces conference that brings together units across the world. The conference is designed to aid special forces units in finding new equipment and technologies beneficial for use in theatre and for training purposes.  

The budget the United States government put together to purchase UAVs is over $74 million USD in fiscal year 2019. Part of the budget will go towards 527 nano-sized, six medium-sized long range, and 385 short ranged drones. Because government organizations are interested in utilizing more UAS in the coming years, Global UAV will continue to pursue these opportunities while the company shows the advantages of the Procyon and the technology integrated into the equipment.

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